I’m glad I did it…

…but I won’t do it again, well not in the same way anyways. After Church and brunch at Docks on Sunday, I walked part of the way home.  I walked up Second Avenue, turned east, checked out the Church of the Holy Family (not as ugly as I expected) and then headed up First Avenue.  Then I walked across the 59th Street Bridge. It’s pretty ugly.  While I enjoyed walking across the Brooklyn Bridge last year, this bridge is not much fun at all.  The view is not as good as the view from the Brooklyn Bridge and you’re on the lower deck and right next to loud traffic (bottom photo).  Even my good photo (top) was taken through a chain-link fence.  The trip also involved lots of worrying about whether bicycles would hit you or not since they rarely stayed in their lane.  Once I get to Queens, I hopped on the subway to ride the rest of the way home.  I’ve done two of the bridges now.  I’m thinking about trying to walk over all of the bridges between Manhattan and the rest of the city before the end of the summer.

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