More Mike (Masonry)

I wanted to add one humorous aside to yesterday’s commentary on Mike Potemra’s post about predestination on The Corner.  He writes about author John Salza:

Just how conservative a Catholic is Mr. Salza? This should give some indication: Among his earlier books are Why Catholics Cannot Be Masons and The Biblical Basis for Purgatory.

While I’d hope explaining the biblical basis for purgatory isn’t a particularly conservative concern, the Freemasonry thing does continue to be amusing. 

When Baronius brought out a book on Freemasonry a while back, we joked that you’re not really a traditionalist publishing house until you have a book on your list about the evils of Freemasonry. This despite Masonic plots not being high on the list of things most people, even traditionalists, worry about these days.

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