Two Bits From Poetry

The July/August 2012 number of Poetry has recently arrived in the mail.  This bit, the beginning of an essay by Robyn Schiff, may not be the best thing in the magazine this time ’round, but it’s sure to please the Whappingites:

It’s 7:08 AM and I just watched the “cold open” of yesterday’s episode of Days of Our Lives online. The episode has been loosened from its forty-seven-year-old programmed slot by what the television industry calls “time shifting.” Every age gets the science fiction it deserves. There’s a tight one-beat shot of a sealed manila envelope. It has an anachronistic black wax stamp. Standard-issue inter-office mustard against the jet of the wax makes for a disorienting prop, giving the apparent secret concealed within the impression of having been documented by a hooded procurement specialist sent from the Renaissance to buy envelopes at Office Depot.

The essay, titled “Hell Mouth” is not yet available on the web, but I imagine it will be soon.

Second, a May 31 blog post by Lindsay Garbutt, the magazine’s editorial assistant, calls our attention back to the fabulous May 1932 “Southern Number” of Poetry. It was edited by Allen Tate and is available in full on the Poetry Foundation web site.

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