War Bonds and the Debt Ceiling

At the Metropolitan Museum this afternoon, looking at this and that.

In passing in the hallway, we saw war bond posters that are part of the excitingly titled exhibition, “Drawings and Prints: Selections from the Permanent Collection“. The selection on show is described this way on the Met’s web site: “Also on view will be a group of World War I posters that focus on the ever-changing image of the Statue of Liberty…”

What struck me, however, in the midst of the debate over raising the federal debt ceiling was the difference in tone from our current debate. America had a great goal it was seeking to achieve–winning the World War. It raised the money the politicians felt they needed not only by raising tax revenue–though they certainly did that too–but by persuading Americans that America was a good bet and getting them to pony up their own cash voluntarily as a loan to the government.

This post would be better with photos.  Another reason my next phone will be fancier!

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