America’s Newspaper of Record

…that’s the New York Post, for those of you not up on your John Derbyshire sobriquets.

Here’s a couple recent oddities from its hallowed Hamiltonian pages.

Today’s Classroom Extra (no link) is a short biography of Albert Einstein. Suggested classroom activities include, “Write a report explaining Einstein’s theory of relativity.” I’m sure the kids will get right on that!

Last Week’s Post included Page Six Magazine featured an article, “When Preppy Weds Hippie”. If I told you the article was about Lauren Bush, Princeton graduate, granddaughter and niece of presidents, product of a high school the local Chronicle called “one of Houston’s most exclusive prep schools”, you’d probably ask, “So who’s the hippy?”

But no, she’s the hippy. The prep is David Lauren, son of the Polo Ralph Lauren founder.

There’s a whole discussion to be had about whether Polo Ralph Lauren is really preppy or is just an appropriation of a culture or even a parody. But, we’ll leave that as an exercise for the reader.

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