Crying to Heaven for Vengeance

The New York Times runs a story today, “Most Ironbound Day Laborers Report Being Cheated“, based on research from Seton Hall University:

Nearly all day laborers who gather for work in the Ironbound neighborhood of Newark have had employers who have either paid them less than promised or not paid them at all … The report found that 96 percent of the workers reported that they had experienced at least one case of wage theft. Some 88 percent reported that employers had failed to pay them overtime wages, as required by state and federal laws; 77 percent had been victims of underpayment of regular-hour wages; and 62 percent had employers who refused to pay them on at least one occasion.

These employers might want to remember that defrauding laborers of their wages is one of the four “sins that cry to heaven for vengeance“:

Behold the hire of the labourers, who have reaped down your fields, which by fraud has been kept back by you, crieth: and the cry of them hath entered into the ears of the Lord of Sabaoth. (James 5:4)

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