What We Have in Common With Pope Michael

We have discovered recently that we share something with Pope Michael of Kansas (note: not to be confused with Pope Michael I of Alexandria).  One of our recent blog posts recommended (/warned people away from) the web site Booksalefinder.com.  Indeed, Pope Michael agrees with our recommendation:

I recommend finding the library book sales in your area at book sale finder. [Link in the original –SJH] Book sales serve two purposes. Sometimes you find some good books. It is also a good recreation, and we all need to take a break from our work and rest. I also plan my longer trips by way of used book stores. Some thrift shops have proven quite useful.

We recommend, beloved sons, that you keep an eye out for the Pope Michael documentary due to be finished and released soon, it’s the work of alumni of the Notre Dame film program.  We viewed the original short film with pleasure and look forward to the full length version.

A tip of the tiara to Three Double Swings for introducing us to the film about His Holiness.

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