Catholic New York on Annunciation Mass

Catholic New York, the newspaper of the Archdiocese of New York has published a very nice article about the Feast of the Annunciation Solemn Mass for Life held at Holy Innocents and organized by our Knights of Columbus Council:

Cardinal Egan Presides at Latin Mass for Annunciation


The traditional pageantry and sense of reverence that accompany the Latin Mass were on full display at Holy Innocents Church, during a Solemn Mass celebrating the feast of the Annunciation and the 15th anniversary of Pope John Paul II’s encyclical “The Gospel of Life.”

Cardinal Egan presided and preached at the March 25 Mass, saying in a homily that the occasion marked not just the Annunciation and the encyclical’s anniversary, but also the fact that “we have brought ourselves together to celebrate Mass in the extraordinary form…with graciousness and devotion.”(more)

This is a (low quality) image of the beautiful photo from the article which I took with my camera phone.

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