“A Different Kind of Battlefield”

An interesting comment from the Wholly Roamin’ Catholic over on Fr. Z’s blog:

“There is no TLM-fitting church in most of my Archdiocese, since nearly all the proper rectangle churches were torn down to make room for the round spaceship churches. I’ve often sat in the pews wondering how a priest would properly offer the old Mass in our round spaceship church—thinking that it’d be easier to offer the Mass in a Baptist church than on the strange altar in the middle of the circle.

“But if brave military chaplains drug mobile chapels out to the battlefields of Korea for Catholic servicemen kneeling in the mud, certainly the Mass can be offered in the suburban spaceships—it’s just a different kind of battlefield.”

Photo: Chaplain Gerald F. Clune says Mass for men of Heavy Mortar Co., 23rd Infantry Regiment, 2nd Infantry Division, at Headquarters, 14 October 1951.

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