To The King

A Wall Street Journal column defends the Whig view of history, but not with particularly brilliant reasoning:

“William of Orange’s ‘Declaration,’ then, was an honest document, as his benevolent rule — and that of his wife, Mary — would prove. … They founded the Bank of England, greatly increased trade and stayed out of war with France until Louis XIV rashly recognized James Stuart, James II’s son, as England’s rightful king.”

So how did they keep England out of war? Louis XIV recognizing James Stuart is just maintaining the status quo. It’s William’s invasion that shakes things up. If he hadn’t invaded England and tossed out James II in the first place, there would have been nothing rash about recognizing James Stuart.

Rich Leonardi also has a good post on the piece. Don’t miss the commentator who’s wandered in to point out that the Glorious Revolution was indeed glorious because it “ended the pernicious influence of the Papists in English history and freed England from being just another lackey of Louis XIV’s France.”

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