Interesting Liturgical News From Bangladesh

The Bishops in Bangladesh take action:“Church Tries To Protect Traditional Hymns, End Loud Singing” Apparently, the melodies and lyrics are set, no new songs are currently being composed, and it’s not clear if accompaniment other than the harmonium (?!) is allowed:

The program assembled 71 liturgical singers in charge of leading choirs, and parish liturgy committee representatives from the country’s five dioceses and one archdiocese to learn the correct musical notes to be played and sung in the hymns, as well as how loudly they should be sung. … Over the decades, Father Sima further noted, there have been developments such as using the harmonium to accompany hymns, and the recent seminar included instruction on the correct musical notes to be sung for those hymns.

Different music suits different times, he said, and for religious occasions, two types of music, traditional and band, or pop-style, songs are available, “but band songs destroy the beauty, depth and spirituality of liturgy.”

The priest did concede, however, that band music could be used on certain occasions, “but not in liturgical celebrations.”

…New hymns are not being composed, he added, but ECLP is now thinking of doing something to change that.

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