Maybe It’s Obvious to Liberals…

but not to me. Salamishah Tillet writes on the Washington Post Company’s The Root:

Then NARAL endorsed Obama over Clinton, highlighting the divide between older feminists and a younger generation of “post-feminist” women.

But is that really true? Is NARAL’s PAC really the voice of younger post-feminists? Here’s one of the key paragraph’s from Nancy Keenan in the statement endorsing Obama:

Sen. Obama has been a leader on this issue in the United States Senate. …

We are confident that Barack Obama is the candidate of the future. Americans are tired of the divisive politics of the last eight years, and will unite behind Obama in the fall. We look forward to working with a pro-choice Obama White House in January.

Here’s a picture of Nancy Keenan. With all due respect, she’s no spring chicken. This strikes me not as the authentic “voice of the youth” but just as much the desire of older folks to feel young, “relevant”, and to be perceived as avant-garde.

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