Ramesh Ponnuru on The Corner:

…my own top two picks are Michael McConnell (although I’d want him for chief) and John Roberts. I know, they’re white men, but they have some virtues. If there are too many white men on the Court, maybe we ask John Paul Stevens to retire?

I went to see… Me and You and Everyone You Know at the IFC Center theater. It was interesting, amusing, and somewhat juvenile. I wouldn’t bother if I were you. The theater itself, however, is awesome. (With the exception of the popcorn, they serve what is described as organic popcorn. The only difference seems to be that the kernels are not as big and fluffy.)

The other day I saw a man wearing a Roman legionnaire costume pedaling a pedicab down the street. I suppose it was a gimmick to get up business, but really…

Rode a bus today. I had previously done this when we visited New York. This was the first time I had done it since I moved to New York though. It wasn’t a crosstown and it ran straight up Sixth Avenue just like the train there did, so it was probably pointless, it just happened to be there right as I was coming out of a store and heading uptown (though the train station was right there too.