Ad Orientem… In Miniature

For reasons unknown to me, we have a small ceramic model of the Cathedral of St. Paul in the office of the Church of Our Saviour here in New York City.  This week, as I was leaving the Church, I noticed that our model has the front of the Cathedral pointed at the wall (above), hiding the facade.  So I turned it around, exposing the more interesting (to my eye) facade:

This side even has a pleasing Latin motto: “EVNTES ERGO DOCETE OMNES GENTES”. It’s a partial quote of Matthew 28:19: “Going therefore, teach ye all nations…“.

I was pleased and thought I’d leave it that way.  But T. pointed out to me that with the door facing the wall, the architectural east end faced geographical east.  Advocate of ad orientem worship that I am, I turned it back around.

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