Pope’s Visit to New York City

I was lucky to get tickets for the Youth Rally at St. Joseph’s Seminary when Pope Benedict visited the city. I took the 1 train up to the end of the line and then the 1 and 7 buses out to Dunwoodie. I walked up Seminary Ave… arriving in the opposite direction from most everyone else who arrived via group buses that stopped at Yonkers Racetrack and then shuttle buses taking them up the hill. This puzzled the police on guard duty, who asked me how I got there…

Seminary Ave. was the Pope’s motorcade route, I believe, and yellow ribbons (the Vatican color) were on the trees. So was this hand lettered welcome sign.

I watched most of the events from the top of the hill. This gave me a great view, but it meant I couldn’t really hear. Luckily the Pope’s great speech was posted online. I followed along on my phone. The wonders of modern technology. I was compensated, also, by being somewhat in the shade. Many of the folks down below got sunburned.

At the end the Pope came up and drove right in front of where I was standing, only about fifteen feet away. This picture was as he drove further on. An exciting (but tiring day.)

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